Unicorno Blind Box Series 4

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tokidoki are the masters of cuteness.

Their Japanese-inspired designs and characters have acquired a worldwide following, and their Unicorno collectibles are just divine.

Beautifully designed and of the highest quality, Unicornos are referred to as 'collectible art' rather than 'collectible toys'.

It is believed that Unicornos were once ponies who wandered into a magic waterfall, turned into unicorns and now live between the magic kingdom and our world.

And here at Finding Unicorns, we have some of tokidoki's Series 4 Unicornos for you.

Each collectible comes in its own blind box, so you won't know which figure you'll be getting.

This means that opening the box is half the fun!

Each Unicorno is about 7cm tall.

Ages 8+

Not suitable for tiny people as their horns are quite sharp.