The Best Unicorn Books for Easter

Mar 24 , 2024


The Best Unicorn Books for Easter

    Easter is a time for joy and celebration, especially for children who eagerly look forward to Easter egg hunts and the treats that come with them. However, if you're a parent who wants to avoid excessive sugar consumption or simply wants to offer something different this year, why not ask the Easter Bunny to leave your child an Easter-themed book instead?


    And if your little one loves Unicorns, why not request a Unicorn Easter book? Reading has so many benefits, and words are even more fun when there's a magical Unicorn beauty involved! So read on for some of the Unicorn Easter books we've found on our Easter hunt for Unicorns this year.


    The Benefits of Reading 

    Reading is so good for little people. Whether your child needs to be read to or can read on their own, books boost creativity and imagination and help develop language and vocabulary skills. And if you're still reading to your child, reading together fosters bonding and quality time.


    The Magic of Unicorn Easter Books

    Now imagine on Easter morning if the Easter Bunny dropped off a bunch of books that were not only about Easter but featured enchanting tales of magic and Unicorns as well? Books with captivating illustrations, full of sparkle and colourful bright designs. Special books that combine two beloved characters — the Easter Bunny and those mythical, magical Unicorns!


    Our Guide to Unicorn Easter Books

    Unicorns are notoriously hard to find, but after quite a bit of searching, we've spotted the following mythical creatures who come complete with an Easter twist! Read on for our guide to the Best Unicorn Easter Books and this very special selection comes in a range of reading ages, formats and prices too.



    The Easter Unicorn: A Magical Pop-Up Book



      This delightful interactive picture book is a must-have for mini Unicorn enthusiasts. It's a gorgeous read full of illustrated pop-up scenes that will keep your little one entertained for hours. Young readers will be captivated as they turn the pages and watch the beautiful pop-ups come to life. Enter a magical world of enchanting scenes where the Easter Bunny appears to have gone off on holiday just in time for Easter. But no fear! A fabulous Unicorn comes to save the day in the magical woods! Created by best-selling author, Janet Lawler, The Easter Unicorn is a magical adventure full of hidden surprises that is sure to become a favourite read for Unicorn lovers this Easter.

      Buy Now: The Easter Unicorn: A Magical Pop-Up Book



      Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter



      This hilarious tale by Lou Carter and Nikki Dyson is sure to be a hit with young readers. Oscar the Unicorn is back, and this time, he's eaten all the Easter Eggs! Not only that, but he’s also eaten the Easter baskets and the signs too. In fact, Oscar's eaten everything! This is the third book about this super-hungry, loveable Unicorn, and this funny adventure will make a great substitute for chocolate treats on Easter Sunday.

      Buy Now: Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter 



      Uni the Unicorn: Easter Bunny Helper



      This charming story follows Uni, a special Unicorn, who goes on an enchanting adventure to help the Easter Bunny fulfil his Easter duties. Combining the magic of Easter with the whimsy of Unicorns, this book by author Amy Krouse Rosenthal creates a truly enchanting reading experience. Children will be drawn into Uni's world as they discover the joy of friendship and the importance of helping others. With its colourful illustrations and relatable characters, it's the perfect choice for young readers this Easter.

      Buy Now: Uni the Unicorn: Easter Bunny Helper



      Lydia and the Unicorns and the Lost Easter Bunny



      In this fun chapter book, Lydia and Lucy are on a mission to find the Easter Bunny with a little help from their friends. The girls were about to start a fantastic egg hunt when they discovered the Easter Bunny was missing. Now the race is on to find him instead! Join the girls as they travel to the Land of Magic with the help of their Unicorn and Pegasus friends. This Easter they're searching for bunnies, not eggs!

      Buy Now: Lydia and the Unicorns and the Lost Easter Bunny



      Easter Llamacorn Coloring Book



      And in addition to Unicorn Easter books full of gorgeous illustrations and magical tales, we've also discovered some super-fun Easter Unicorn colouring books too! Check out this one with that gorgeous Llamacorn on the cover! Colouring books are a fantastic way to keep your little ones out of trouble and this one's filled with pages of magical creatures and all-things Easter to keep them entertained.

      Buy Now: Easter Llamacorn Coloring Book



      Looking for a way to make Easter extra magical this year? Consider adding some Unicorn books to your child's Easter haul. Not only will they be entertained, but they'll also learn valuable lessons and expand their imagination. Choosing Unicorn Easter books can be a fun and beneficial alternative to traditional sugar-filled Easter baskets, and from stunning pop-ups to colouring pages, there's something for every Unicorn lover. Happy Easter — and Happy reading!


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