What Are Unicorns?

Oct 07 , 2021


What Are Unicorns?



By Mitalee Deshpande for Finding Unicorns


From stark white mythological beasts to one-horned kawaii ponies spreading glitter and joy, there’s nothing more striking than a Unicorn. These fabled creatures of yesteryear, with their magical auras and sparkly manes have always been mesmerizing, and it’s hard to see them ever going out of fashion!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve probably seen a Unicorn: they’re in the movies, they’re on TV, they’re in books and toy stores.


So, what is a Unicorn? Well, the word Unicorn comes from the Latin word meaning ‘one horn.’ Unicorns are commonly horse-shaped with a spiral horn, a fluffy mane, and a silky tail. These fascinating creatures are seen as a symbol of freedom, positivity, and hope and have evolved from being traditionally white in colour to rainbow-coloured fluffy, cuddly friends.


Unicorns are majestic, and they’re magical, and most kids — and some adults — are deeply fascinated with them. But who are these magnificent beasts, and where do they come from? If you’ve ever been curious to learn all about Unicorns, read on!


Unicorn Mythology


Unicorns are probably as old as time itself. According to Unicorn mythology, the first mention of Unicorns dates back to about 2,000 BC.  Unicorns were said to have roamed the lands of Asia — especially India and China — and it's believed that the animal featured on the seal and carvings of the Indus Valley Civilization from the Bronze Age is a Unicorn. 


In Unicorn Mythology, it’s said that Unicorns were a rare sight for humans and lived deep in the forests. They’ve also been mentioned in stories of natural history, with the Greek historian Ctesias describing a pure, white horse-like animal with one horn on its head. 


Unicorn mythology took centre stage in literature and art during the Renaissance and medieval times. Grand, detailed tapestries, intricate illustrations, and comprehensive texts revolved around these magical beasts and their ability to detect and counteract poison in food and drink (poisoning people was a common phenomenon during the Middle Ages!).


During this period, Unicorns were closely associated with moral virtues and purity. The Bible also refers to a splendid one-horned creature so pure that it brings good luck and good fortune to those who see it.


With their powerful restorative skills and the healing abilities of their magical horn, Unicorns have been the talk of the town for centuries. Some people believe Unicorns to be mythological animals, whereas others deem them earth-bound without wings.


It’s also thought that Unicorns are not born with a horn; instead, it takes them years to grow one. Some say that drinking from a Unicorn’s horn protects the drinker from various stomach diseases!


Known as wild and free, Unicorns are mythical creatures, and therefore able to traverse between realms. Through the years, the mystery surrounding Unicorns has only increased and has become a core element for many fables, including the wildly popular Harry Potter series (remember how Unicorn blood could extend life?).


Facts About Unicorns



Unicorns have moved on from being a rarity to a pop culture powerhouse. But why do kids adore them so much? One of the reasons is that Unicorns are the perfect bridge from reality to imaginary lands. It is easy for kids to see a familiar creature like a horse and amp up its coolness factor to 10.


The truth about the existence of Unicorns remains a mystery even today, but no matter where you stand, Unicorns are now an essential part of modern culture.


Here are some fun facts about Unicorns to help you believe in them just that little bit more.


12 Fun Unicorn Facts for Kids

  1. Unicorns can walk on Earth and do not have wings. 
  2. A Pegasus is a flying horse with wings (but no horn).
  3. An Alicorn is a cross between a Unicorn and a Pegasus — a flying horse with wings and a horn!
  4. The word Alicorn also refers to the name of a Unicorn’s horn.
  5. A group of Unicorns is called a Blessing.
  6. Baby Unicorns are often called Sparklesthey are the most beautiful creatures with pure hearts and sparkling appearances.
  7. Did you know that the Unicorn is the national animal of Scotland
  8. Unicorns eyes are usually sky blue or purple. But it is also believed that they reflect the feelings of the viewer. How magical!
  9. Unicorns are found deep in the forest and usually prefer their own company. 
  10. Some Jewish myths state that Unicorns are so supremely powerful that they can defeat a full-sized elephant.
  11. The behaviour of Unicorns has differed from time to time. In Biblical times, Unicorns were noble, fierce yet gentle beasts, whereas the Middle Ages believed that a Unicorn bite could kill you!
  12. National Unicorn Day is held on April 9 each year.


Unicorn Names



Unicorns have won the hearts of children all around the world, and now, more than ever, kids are searching for the perfect name for their beloved Unicorn toys and plushies.


Coming up with the perfect Unicorn name is a challenging task, no doubt about it. When we talk about mythical Unicorns, some Unicorn names sound as ancient as Unicorn fables themselves, like Faye, Calypso, Celestia, or Marcello. And then there is a whole list of cute names such as Buttercup, Charlie, Sparkle, Bubblegum, Cupcake, and Daisy.


You’ll find plenty of great Unicorn names in the many Unicorn books that are around these days. There’s Thelma the Unicorn, Lily the Unicorn, or the funny Marigold Heavenly Nostrils from the Phoebe and Her Unicorn series. And how can we forget the mighty Jewel the Unicorn from Narnia, the loyal follower of Aslan? 


The Unicorn name list is incomplete without the inclusion of the magical Unicorns of the television world. Amongst the most famous Unicorn types from Hasbro’s My Little Pony, is Rarity the resident fashionista. And for an exotic Unicorn name, you can’t beat Onchao from Mia and Me.


Meanwhile, Buttercup the Unicorn is one of the toys owned by Bonnie in Toy Story 3. And if anybody ever manages to find out the actual name of Agnes’ adorable, fluffy plush-Unicorn from Despicable Me, please let us know in the comments below!


If you still don’t know how to pick your toy Unicorn’s name, you can try using an Online Name Generator! These clever tools can mix different words to come up with a unique name that is perfect for your beloved toy Unicorn.


Why not head to Cutesy Crafts and download their fun Unicorn Name Party Game!


Or you can try this Fantasty Name Generator for some more magical — and mystical — Unicorn names. 


Today, Unicorns are all around us, and our love and fascination for these magnificent beasts continues to grow and grow.


Do you have any cool facts about Unicorns? Let us know in the comments below! 


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