Winter Unicorn Fashion for Kids

Jun 12 , 2024


Winter Unicorn Fashion for Kids


Who decided that colder months need a wardrobe that’s dull and drab? We disagree! So this year, let’s embrace the wonderful and whimsical world of winter Unicorn fashion and stand out from the crowd.

From iridescent sequins and whimsical pastel hues to cozy jumpers and sparkling accessories, we’ve rounded up a bunch of fabulous Unicorn-themed fashion items to keep your little Unicorn lover warm while still looking wonderfully fashionable.


Why Unicorn Fashion is So Good

Unicorn fashion transcends mere clothing; it’s a celebration of individuality and creativity. Here’s why Unicorn fashion is the perfect choice for kids this winter:


1. Expressive and Colourful

Unicorn-themed clothing and accessories often feature a vibrant palette of pastel hues, glittering accents and whimsical designs. The colours and patterns can’t help but put a smile on your face and will brighten up any dark and gloomy winter’s day.


2. Versatile and Cozy

From cozy jumpers to snug beanies, Unicorn-themed winter fashion offers the perfect blend of style and comfort. These versatile pieces can be layered to keep your little one warm and toasty on a chilly day while still making a fashion statement.


3. Encourages Creativity and Promotes Self-Confidence

Unicorns are magical and mystical, encouraging children to embrace their creativity. What’s cuter than a self-dressed toddler clad in her finest, mismatched Unicorn gear, Unicorn headband, fairy wings and all? Dressing in Unicorn fashion allows children to express their unique personalities. Unicorn fashion is fab for day wear, but thanks to its bursts of colour, glitter, and sequins, Unicorn clothing and accessories make fab choices for parties and dress-up days, too!


Types of Winter Unicorn Clothing and Accessories

Picture a dazzling holographic jacket paired with shimmering Unicorn leggings. What about some rainbow Unicorn accessories teamed with a pair of super-cool Unicorn boots? Read on for some of the best Unicorn fashion finds for kids this winter.


Unicorn Jackets

Perfect for outdoor adventures, these Unicorn jackets will ward off the winter chill and protect your little one from the rain. And just look at those fabulous Unicorn designs!


Hatley Unicorn Raincoat



Unicorn Puffer Jacket



Unicorn Denim Jacket



Unicorn Rain Jacket



Fleece-Lined Unicorn Raincoat



Waterproof Unicorn Raincoat



Hooded Unicorn Raincoat



Sequin Hooded Unicorn Jacket



Sequin Unicorn Bomber Jacket 



 Baby's Hooded Unicorn Cape




Unicorn Jumpers and Unicorn Hoodies

Like a warm hug on a chilly day, this magnificent selection of Unicorn jumpers and Unicorn hoodies will help keep your little one nice and snug this winter. They will take pride of place in your child's wardrobe, and what's the bet they won't want to take them off because they're so bright and colourful.


Little Girls' Unicorn Zip Hoodie



Unicorn Duffle Sweater



Unicorn Sweatshirt with Hood



Peach Unicorn Top 



Unicorn Zip-Up Hoodie



Rainbow Unicorn Pullover




Unicorn Dresses

Don't let the colder seasons dampen your Unicorn style. You can rock a stunner of a Unicorn dress whether it's hot — or cold — outside. We've found this fabulous selection of winter Unicorn dresses that are just as bright and colourful as our fave summer Unicorn clothing pieces.


Pretty Long Sleeve Unicorn Dress 



Oobi Winter Dress with Tutu Skirt



Unicorn Winter Sweater Dress



 Unicorns in the Garden Layer Dress




Girls Long-Sleeve Unicorn Party Dress




Unicorn Tracksuits

Let's take the humble tracksuit and add a whole lot of colour and style to this comfy wardrobe staple with some pretty little Unicorn designs. Check out our selection of warm and cozy Unicorn tracksuits for winter this year.


Unicorn Tracksuit



Unicorn Tracksuit with Hoodie



Girls' Unicorn Tracksuit 




Unicorn Sleepwear

Thanks to colourful and playful designs, children's sleepwear has become a popular gift idea. Winter sleepwear comes in a range of soft and cozy fabrics that will keep your child warm at night. Add a dash of Unicorn magic and getting them ready for bed has never been easier!


Hatley Unicorn PJs




Glow in the Dark Wearable Blanket Hoodie




Long-Sleeve Unicorn Bodysuit




Glow in the Dark Unicorn Blanket Hoodie



Hatley Long-Sleeve Winter PJs



Rainbow Unicorn Onesie Pyjamas




Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn slippers are super fun, and they look so good they deserve to be worn outside the house as well! Check out this magical selection of Unicorn slippers — so fluffy and such pretty colours too!


Pink Fluffy Unicorn Slippers 




Plush Unicorn Slipper Boots



 Jellycat Baby Booties



Girls Non-Slip Unicorn Moccasins



Girls Anti-Slip Unicorn Slippers



Girl's Tie Dye Fluffy Unicorn Slippers




Winter Unicorn Accessories 


Unicorn Socks and Unicorn Tights

Gotta keep those little legs warm in the winter months, so why not wrap them up in Unicorns? We've found some gorgeous Unicorn socks and Unicorn tights to keep your little one nice and toasty.


Billy Loves Audrey Unicorn Socks



Fleece Unicorn Socks



Three-Pack Girl's Unicorn Socks



Billy Loves Audrey Unicorn Tights



Girl's Opaque Unicorn Tights




Unicorn Hats, Unicorn Gloves and Unicorn Scarves

Unicorn accessories are a fab way to elevate your outfit, and we've found some awesome winter Unicorn accessories that look good and they're cold weather-functional, too! We're talking about keeping heads and hands warm with an impressive selection of Unicorn hats, Unicorn gloves and Unicorn scarves.



Knitted Hooded Unicorn Scarf Hat



Knitted Unicorn Scarf



Cute Unicorn Beanie and Gloves Set



Waterproof Fleece-Lined Snow Gloves



Crocheted Unicorn Hooded Scarf Hat



Girl's Knitted Unicorn Beanie



Plush Unicorn Ear Muffs and Gloves




Unicorn Boots

You can't go wrong with Unicorn shoes! And while anyone can sport a little Unicorn clothing, you know you're next-level Unicorn obsessed when you're rocking Unicorn footwear, too! Check out these beauties!


Hatley Unicorn Rain Boot



Tom Tailor Girl's Unicorn Boots



Toddler Unicorn Rain Boots



Stephen Joseph Girl's Rain Boots



Child's Unicorn Snow Boot



Girl's Winter Snow Boots



Unicorn Umbrellas

Here's a novel way to teach your little one how to stay dry in the rain — a Unicorn umbrella! They won't want to let go of something so adorable, which means they'll stay nice and dry on those wet weather days!


Hatley Unicorn Umbrella



DJECO Children's Unicorn Umbrella



Folding Unicorn Umbrella




Winter brings with it a magical aura, and what better way to embrace the colder weather than by adding some enchanting Unicorn fashion pieces into your wardrobe? From Unicorn jackets and Unicorn boots to Unicorn sleepwear and winter Unicorn clothing and accessories, there are a gazillion ways to stay warm while looking fab on those grey winter days!




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